DAYTIME DRAMA is set in the outrageous world of daytime soaps, where amnesia victims usually have evil twins--but handsome leading men must keep their love for each other in the closet--Dave Benbow’s raucously sexy, wickedly funny debut novel lays bare the lust, greed and ambition of Hollywood, through the eyes of an innocent newcomer who wants it all...

DAYTIME DRAMA is a 2004 Lambda Literary Award "Best Romance" nominee!

DAYTIME DRAMA is fun, light, and frequently naughty...[With] more than enough drama and backstabbing to keep me turning pages late into the night...The closest I can come to a literary parallel is Armistead Maupin’s TALES OF THE CITY...DAYTIME DRAMA deserves applause as a landmark in gay fiction!
-Tim Putnam

[DAYTIME DRAMA] sheds a decidedly gay light on the world of the soap opera...various characters seduce one another, lie to each other, they cheat, they backstab and they toss out words like “deception” and “manipulation”; these are the things that made “Dynasty” a television milestone!...Written purely for the sake of entertainment...You will truly find DAYTIME DRAMA an amusing delight!
-David Muller

Dave Benbow successfully navigates a soap opera whodunit...Benbow wisely satirizes the private lives of his daytime TV actors rather than the genre enjoyable read [that] wraps up neatly...Benbow deftly stages revelations off-camera, treating readers to erotic, at times tempestuous, love-making between two soap studs...DAYTIME DRAMA has a rich and complex narrative...engaging enough to warrant a sequel!
Gary M. Kramer

A frothy first novel...Dave Benbow aspires to be a sort of Jackie Collins for gay guys, and he succeeds...The man-on-man sex scenes are both racy and plentiful...DAYTIME DRAMA's sexy-mystery-with-a-Hollywood-backdrop format makes for an enjoyable summer read!
--Tom Yanni

A great big, page burning, soap opera of a book...A total pleasure...It's a shame that so few books provide their readers with this much fun...Dave Benbow has provided us with a dishy fast-paced read that never seems silly, is sexy and naughty without being pornographic, and remains unashamedly over the top from beginning to end!

“You’ll only like this book if you like a great mystery, a great bitchy one-liner, a great insider’s look at the beauties and beasts who churn out your favorite soaps, and a great heaping of sex that registers deeper and louder than West Hollywood’s last dozen earthquakes.”
--Bruce Vilanch

“Dave Benbow has written a sexy, fun novel that cross-pollinates the world of daytime soap opera with the society of West Hollywood...a sort of ‘Gays of Our Lives.’ It’s a guilty pleasure that’s neither fattening nor illegal, and who can ask for more than that?”
--Rita Rudner

“Hold on to your remotes! The sexy soap studs in DAYTIME DRAMA will make your ratings soar! Viewer/reader discretion advised! You won’t be able to put this one down!”
--Ben Tyler, author of TRICKS OF THE TRADE and HUNK HOUSE

“If the movie Soapdish had been directed by Kristin Bjorn, it might look something like DAYTIME DRAMA. Fast paced, funny and super-sexy, Dave Benbow’s dishy debut changed the way I watch soaps!”
--Dennis Hensley, author of SCREENING PARTY and MISADVENTURES IN THE (213)


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